For Kitchen lighting, Bathroom Lighting or even Retail lighting across Sydney,
you can depend on Waterview Electrical Services.

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Gardens all are transformed with the right lighting!
We can design your lighting area or offer advice on which lighting would best suit your area.
If you are in the process of renovating or building a new home, Waterview Electrical Services can help you match your blue print up with your lighting needs.

If you need advice on matching up different rooms and different types of lights to achieve a particular design theme, we are more than happy to help you select a range of lights that not only complement each other, but also compliment you and your lifestyle. There are so many new and exciting lights on the market today, talk to the experts!

We supply a huge range of lights, fans and bathroom heaters including, Down lights, Deck lights, Pool Lights Spot lights, Bathroom heaters, Energy savers, LEDs, Outdoor Lights, Pool lights
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