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Home automation or Smart Homes bring technology and convenience together. Your home becomes a network of devices all working together in harmony. By pressing a button the air conditioning sets the perfect temperature, the hallway and kitchen lights come on, and your favourite music plays through the Multi-Room Audio System! When you leave the house, it’s just as easy, simply press a button to turn off everything and activate the security system.

The Benefits of a Smart Home
Just about every device and appliance within your home can be automated, Automate your heated towel rails and air conditioning to turn on at preset times, not forgetting the coffee machine!
Energy Efficiency:
Home automation saves you money on your utilities. By using sensors that automaticlly turn off the lights when a person leaves the room. Or a water sensor that will alert you of a possible costly leak.
Safety and Security:
Home automation provides security, safeguarding your home. A networked Security camera keeps your property under surveillance so you can react at a moments notice. peering eye to a  an automated home security system
Fun and Enjoyable:
Set your personal preferences, then sit back and enjoy your favourite music, movies and entertainment!

What areas of your home can be Automated?

You can program a “relax” scene. At the press of a button your lights will dim, your favourite music will turn on and your air conditioning will set to the perfect temperature. This all works together to create a new level of comfort and the ultimate relaxation experience!
Home Theartre and Entertainment
Multi-Room Audio allows you to listen to your favorite music in any part of the home. Simply connect equipment such as an iPod or MP3 player to the system and distribute the audio to the desired area of your home. Each music location can have its own local source, such as a CD player or MP3 player, so everyone can listen to their favourite music in separate rooms without affecting the rest of the family.
Security Systems and access Control
Remotely open a garage door or unlock/lock a specific door within your home all from your fingertips. With a home automated security system, your house can directly contact you, sending an alert about a specific security related event that has occurred on your property. Be it a trespasser, water leak, or a sudden rise in temperature, home automation remains on guard for you.
Phone Systems
A home automated phone system can provide many benefits, such as increased security, privacy, and even home monitoring. Caller screening assures that only specific numbers trigger your phone to ring, silencing those callers best avoided.
A remote controlled thermostat provides you with complete control over your home’s temperature. Operate your home’s heater or air conditioning while from the cozy confines of your bed, in your car while driving from work, at an airport as you wait for your flight to leave, or when your flight touches down in another country. Receive alerts when temperatures get too low or too high, keeping your pets and plants happy while you’re away. Maintain a comfortable living environment within your home all from your fingers tips.
Home automation doesn’t only apply to the insides of your home, but even to the lush plant life that surrounds it. Automate your properties home irrigation system and set your own preferences and automation do the rest. Conserve water and save money with sensors that sense rain, shutting off your sprinkler system so you don’t waste precious water.
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